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Emily Archer

Lorna Ather




Emily is a relocation consultant and your first new friend in Berlin. Emily founded Archer Relocation early 2015 desiring to use her first hand experience and professional skills to assist fellow expats moving to Berlin. Relocated from Australia and having lived in Germany since 1999, she is knowledgeable in the way of life in Germany and it’s bureaucracy. Emily’s services include home search, bureaucracy, immigration, and family assistance.


Relocation Consultant

Managing Director, Archer Relocation







Lorna is a maternity concierge and baby planner. That means she accompanies and supports growing families with all their needs from accessing pregnancy-specific medical services (midwife, gynecologist, hospital) to organising a baby shower, to dealing with bureaucracy surrounding pregnancy and birth. For the time beyond the birth, she also helps families to find kindergarten spots.


Maternity Concierge

Co-Founder, Maternita

Co-Founder of the Landing Pad Berlin


Melanie Fieseler




Melanie is an independent career consultant who counsels men and women on all areas of career development – from assessing their career options to building resilience, and everything in between. Melanie is not your typical career expert – she offers strategic, Germany-specific, no-holds-barred advice and a point of view directly from her talent and recruiting experience at leading multi-national companies.


Career Consultant

Managing Director, Melanie Fieseler Consulting

Co-founder of the Landing Pad Berlin